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Our Story

Most of my childhood memories are those of scent; a Sunday roast dinner, coming home to the smell of laundry on the radiators, my mums perfume, rainy walks in Autumn, my nana's house, the smell of the fair. Oh the list could go on.

As I got older I realised that scent and perfume played such an integral part in my life, and that one day I would love to do something with my desire of evoking memories. 

This is how S.W Botanicals was born, I wanted my house to smell amazing all the time but was literally burning my way through far too many candles, so I switched to oils. Not only is the cost per use better, the scent throw out wonderful, but they have amazing properties to calm, heal, boost and support your well-being. I still love a candle, and a room mist, and a reed diffuser but oil blends is where my heart lays. 

I want everyone to have a little drop of luxury every day.